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Project Description

Mike Ravelli is a musical ambassador in the Dutch underground House and Techno scene. He became a pioneering artist with the infamous Amsterdam based ‘GZG’ collective. During that time Amsterdam was shocked by their wild parties in thriving warehouse destinations, all the while painting a new face to the electronic music industry during that period. Mike began his career in this wild, unpredictable atmosphere, where the environment focused on the party and made DJs think out of the box and surprise crowds. Mike Ravelli rose to the occasion, as he developed his versatile style and connection with his fellow partiers. From slow and melodic to fast-paced and energy-packed, his music meets the criteria craved by heated dance floors. Nowadays, Mike Ravelli is recognized in the Netherlands for his borderless energetic sound in his DJ sets and has build a solid reputation as a popular act. Not only his highly acclaimed productions but also residencies at favorable Dutch techno and house organizations such as Shoeless, Perception, Thuishaven and the notorious Beach club Woodstock 69 have lead him towards a career with international recognition. Mike Ravelli is all across the Netherlands, and  is vastly taking on international performances and has played in clubs like Katerholzig and Sisyphos Berlin, Egg London, Barraca Valencia, Lantern Beijing, AM Local Mexico City and Amsterdam Dance Event to name just a few  — He does what he loves most— spending time in the studio, creating timeless music and traveling the world to share his passion for electronic sounds with others. Check his productions and DJ sets and hear for your self..