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Project Description

Jongens en meisjes wat zijn we blij: de Nederlandse koningin van de melodieuze house staat op ons nieuwe festival en dat willen we dolgraag met jullie delen.

Nederland is duidelijk te klein voor haar want internationaal knalt ze de pan uit. Via haar podcast serie COLOURIZON heeft ze over de gehele wereld vele harten weten te veroveren. Canada, Zuid America, China en Australië… je vindt haar op ieder continent.

We zijn ontzettend trots dat Haarlem zo’n mooi talent heeft voortgebracht, maar misschien nog trotserderderder dat zij één van de eerste artiesten was die het initiatief Project Veerplas Festival volop steunt.

Voor jullie is hier: Miss Melera!

Kom alvast in de stemming: https://soundcloud.com/missmelera

For the past decade, the Amsterdam based Miss Melera has been absorbing the essence behind traditional genres such as deep, tech house and techno and twisting them into a melodic confection that is both fresh, timeless and completely her own.

In the past years she has played high profile dates in Europe, Asia, South and North America. In 2012 she has started her monthly radio show and event called ‘COLOURIZON’. Her show is broadcast on several radio stations worldwide and increasingly popular on her Soundcloud profile.

Her fast-growing fanbase is embracing her latest release, ‘Nirvana’ on the English label Polymath which follows after a remix at Traum and her EP ‘Magenta’ on Chapter 24 Records – including remixes by Dave Seaman and Jonas Saalbach.

With releases on Parquet Recordings, Einmusika Recordings. A collaboration with Eelke Kleijn, Olivier Weiter & Arjuna Schiks on the WEITER label, Chapter 24 Records, Traum, Polymath and her upcoming tour schedule, Miss Melera will give global audience a chance to discover her vision what music lovers in Berlin, Canada and Amsterdam already have experienced.

As they will tell you, when you’re under Miss Melera’s spell:

You won’t stop moving.