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Project Description


His clear vision, combined with a strong dose of empathy and discipline has quickly moved Jeroen van den Dungen aka Sinfol to the forefront of new generation electronic music artists coming from Amsterdam.

Sinfol’s refreshing take on electronic music is bolstered by his own imprint Anagram, that since its launch in 2014, has been a highly respected source of music for the most notable artists around. With his own releases Sinfol keeps on forging unique moods which he fuses with energizing dancefloor orientated textures, building suspense by utilizing specific aspects of human emotion, resulting in a finely crafted and enthralling sonic experience.

As a DJ Sinfol has proven to be as intriguing as his productions. He’s holding a residency at the acclaimed Reaktor Events since 2013 where he developed his musical knowledge and intuitive selection. Constantly striving to let go of a narrow framework, his style blends classic machine funk with modern day drive, bright light with profound dejection. The growing recognition for this palette resulted in a quick gain of momentum on the international stage with gigs across Europe.

With everything that has happened over the course of 2 years, there is no doubt that Sinfol’s sound will traverse the globe.



Octual is Boris Kruyver, a man well known within the Netherlands’ underground techno community. A young, expressive DJ and producer, he has established a mature style that features deep, driving rhythms matched with ethereal, swirling atmospheres. He jumpstarted his career as a producer with the release of an original track on Anagram002, a multi artist compilation featuring Stefan Vincent and label-mate Sinfol, which was released in November 2014. In July 2015, Octual was added to the vast catalog of established artists on the famed Invites Choice podcast series and really came up trumps with his deep, undulating mix.

Following up his debut, Octual released a four-track solo EP on Anagram that marked a significant achievement in his young career. Full of his smooth, serene yet pulsating melodies it was a standout release that really saw him find his own style. But this is just the beginning for Octual, because he will continue to evolve alongside Anagram label, and will continue to be an ever more essential voice in the global dance music conversation.