Jodium x Retrouve 2022-06-05T09:50:25+00:00

Project Description

Haarlem is full of young new talented producers and DJ’s, Jodium and Retrouve are an example of that.

The duo Retrouve consists of Barna Frits and Andras Komaromi who were originally born in Hungary. As childhood friends they have a long journey behind them with a great passion for music. Starting out with 90’s, early 00’s Hip-Hop they quickly got into Funk, Disco and House only by the age of 12 thanks to local underground radio stations. It didn’t take them long to get into DJ-ing and producing the music they both have so much love for. Since then they’ve been pursuing their dream of making and playing this infectious sound and not planning on stopping soon. With their ever-refining taste of club music they will surely not disappoint any dancefloor.

22 Year Old Utrecht-born producer Jodium has had a passion for many types of electronic music but in a few years he found his passion for House music and hasn’t changed since. When he was 10 he moved to the island Texel but is now back in the city to pursue his musical career. His sets are filled with feel good house music and have an evolving energy level which will never be boring.

Together with some friends these DJs are to build a community here in Haarlem with their party organisation: Incension.
These producers have polished their taste over the years and are bound to deliver a very tasteful set of the best selected House Music!