Minoz x Jordan Arts 2022-06-05T09:53:46+00:00

Project Description

Minoz and Jordan Arts come together for this once in a life time performance, combining Jordan Arts live elements into the driving melodic techno music that Minoz is known so well for.

Minoz and Jordan met in Haarlem this year. From the beginning Minoz was impressed by the musical talent of Jordan, who just moved to the Netherlands and is already an established artist in South Africa. They worked together on a couple of new tracks which will be played on Veerplas Festival for the first time.


Minoz is based in Haarlem and has been playing over 15 years now. He is known from is typical melodic techno sound with electro and disco elements. Living in NYC inspired him for a new phase in his musical journey with influences from different styles and cultures.


Jordan Arts

Jordan Arts is a self taught multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer from South Africa combing he’s musical knowledge into a live electronic performance.