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Project Description

At the age of 19, Roel Varkevisser, also known as Olivier Weiter, bought his first DJ-equipment. Inspired by the Dutch DJ-duo: Ille Bitch & De Man Zonder Schaduw and Sven Väth, Olivier developed himself as a DJ, who stands for warm mood-uplifting electronic music. Emotion and melody are the keywords in his DJ-sets, often filled with huge climaxes and lots of craziness. Not only DJ-ing, but also producing became his passion. His first release was already signed for a compilation cd and the first Bar27 vinyl EP will come out soon! Olivier is also one of the founders of Bar27, a new collective who are upcoming in Amsterdam. 22 year “old” Olivier is still at the beginning of his career, yet has already played at some well-respected parties and clubs, national but also international (Bar25 Berlin, Miro Club Bolzano) With his eccentric taste of music and his ability to entertain the crowd , Olivier is definitely ready for the big adventure!